Happy volunteers with children sorting donation goods indoors

We are in the process of building projects geared towards the betterment of the children under our care. Below are the current projects we have and the ones we will be working on in the future:

Current Project(s):

Location: Abia State, Nigeria

  • At present, we are involved in full-blown medical missions in the area.

Future Project(s):

Location: Abia State, Nigeria

  • This December of 2019, we will be donating bag packs of food and supplies to homes of motherless babies.
  • (No definite date)
    • We plan to provide soft loans to women to enable them start their own businesses and become self-sufficient.

We will be updating this page for additional information and for new projects as they happen. Please do check back regularly.

Want to know the specifics of our projects and how you can be a part of it? You may send us a message here.