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Welcome to KMJ Foundation, Inc.

KMJ Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to poverty alleviation through employment creation in Africa. We source bag packs for schoolchildren, provide food and medicines for children and adults, and help young people learn skills that can help them create employment for themselves based on their passion.

The first we have started is Abia State in Nigeria. We are involved in full-blown medical missions. This December, we are donating bag packs and supplies to motherless babies’ homes. We plan to provide soft loans to women to enable them to start their own businesses and become independent individuals.

Mission Statement

We aim to help underprivileged and underserved children and young adults have a better chance at life by providing them with the aid, resources, and the care they need to be self-sufficient and productive individuals. It is also our goal to be the torch of hope that children can keep on igniting to make sure that change blazes through even down to the younger generation.

About Us